Product Designer


Mobile and Tablet


Jun 2019 - Jan 2021


UX & UI Design


Problem Statement

Yoco wanted to introduce and encourage payment via NFC (tap). Many people in South Africa are still scared to even use a card for payment.


Create trust between users and card payments. Encourage more users to tap their card as a payment method. Increase the overall transaction growth of NFC.


- Workshopping done on previous design with the team on what could be improved.

- Customer support also consulted and surveys sent out.

- Wireframing and User journey designed showcasing various possible experiences.


The old design which was used to instruct a user when making a payment.


After all the research and user insight gathering was done, a prototype was designed for user testing. The test would enable us to assess the effectiveness of a new design and determine if we have indeed enhanced its intuitiveness, thereby motivating users to choose card tapping as their preferred payment method.


The new design incorporating NFC into it which would be tested.


Some user testing that was done with exisitng customers. This screen was seen just before the payment screen was displayed.


1. Clear where to tap.
2. Can easily notice the three different ways to make a payment.
3. Recognition of the NFC icon and it's meaning.
4. To utilize the NFC tap function, it is evident that the bank card should be placed visibly on the device.

Refining The Solution

Changes implemented

1. Move cancel button to the top left and add illustration which was recently commissioned to add “personality.
2. Add infinite spinner, so the user knows the payment is still processing.
3. Add Total amount to the processing screen.

Final Design

Trust was created by including Yoco branding on the screen which people were familiar. Users were encouraged to use Tap as a payment method because of it's prominence on the screen with an image and copy that was added. The design overall resulted in a surge of NFC tap payments, coinciding with a decrease in the use of traditional paper money, which was particularly notable during the pre-COVID period.


Tap, Insert and Swipe

The primary screen creating instructional awareness.