Management platform

Pargo has a platform that allows customers to manage all their logistics from one place. The platform is called MyPargo. The opportune time has arrived to enhance MyPargo, catering to both its existing customer base of large enterprises and also extending its benefits to the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) market.


Last mile logistics


Senior Product Designer


Responsive Web App


Feb 2021 - May 2023


UX & UI Design


Problem Statement

1. The MyPargo platform needs imporvements done in order to better serve the customer needs.
2. No current way of automatically signing up which stops a lot of new users from joining the platform, especially SME's.


Imporve the platform so customers can easily create, manage and keep track of their orders. Also to implement an auto sign-up process.

Previous Look and Feel

The previous look and feel was built piece by piece which led to a lot of inconsistency. Changes needed to encompase consistency, better usability and more complete flows.

The Solution

In order to create a great looking platform I had to start but creating some consistency across all user flows. This was done by doing an audit of all the components and assets that were being used and creating a Design System. This allowed me to re-use what ever I could and when I needed to, create a new component or asset. Each individual user flow was then looked at and replaced with the relevent components or assets. Improvements were implemented to the user flows as I went along as well as when new user flows were added to the platform.


Design System colour palette, icon sizing and buttons.


The responsive Grid System that would be implemented on mobile and desktop with particular breakpoints.


Text styles, fonts and input fields that were to be used.

Final Design

Once improvemnts were done to the look and feel the user journeys became smooth and consistent. An auto sign-up process was also added to the platform which increased the amount of users by 30% in the first month.