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Real People aims to extend financial assistance to individuals in the lower income bracket who genuinely require support, offering loans and credit options. Their objective is to enhance accessibility to their services, ensuring that everyone can benefit from their offerings.


Loans and Credit Applications


Product Designer


Responsive Web App


Dec 2018 - Jul 2019


UX & UI Design


Problem Statement

In response to the increasing trend of online application processes, Real People has taken measures to create an application system that is both user-friendly and efficient. They have carefully considered the needs of individuals who may be unfamiliar with technology or have reservations about conducting online transactions. By implementing intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and robust security measures, Real People aims to provide a simple and quick application process that instills trust and accommodates users with varying levels of technological experience.


The application process can be easily completed by the user independently, without requiring any external assistance. Additionally, the user will have a high level of trust in the process.


- Based on the gathered data, personas were developed to represent the characteristics and preferences of a typical client.

- A comprehensive Heuristic Evaluation was conducted on the existing website, revealing that the user journey lacked clarity and could be significantly improved. The design did not effectively cater to the intended user group, resulting in confusion. The presence of obscure jargon, including technical terms like UIF and PAYE, made comprehension challenging. Additionally, the design appeared excessively cluttered and would benefit from simplification.


The previous application process design which is clearly very clutered and possibly confusing.


Another image of the previous application process design.


Utilizing the research findings, a mid-fidelity prototype was developed for user testing. The scenario focused on a user who had purchased Puma shoes online but received the incorrect size upon delivery. The user proceeded to initiate a return process and followed the subsequent prompts as guided by the prototype.


The design of the prototype that was designed. Both a desktop and a mobile responsive version were tested.


1. User could not locate a Help button.
2. Pre-validation step understood when proceeding the sign-up process.
3. Copy and language changes understood, except the use of the words 'UIF','PAYE' and “Product Selection.
4. Easy to upload forms during the process.
5. Was it necessary to ask ethnicity?
6. Intuitive slider function for selecting loan amount.
7. Navigation was easy.


1. Add chatbot for enhanced security for help if needed and clearly indicate completed steps.
2. Include Facebook and Google Account login options.
3. Replace Product Selection with Loan amount for better user understanding.
4. Also exclude UIF and PAYE from income information as it was found to not be necessary
5. Remove Save button from screens, except the Homepage. Implement automatic saving on other pages.
6. Move ethnicity and preferred contact method to Contact Screen.
7. Introduce predictive fields for street and suburb.
8. Implement ReCaptcha for authentication.
9. Remove unnecessary Relationship To Next Of Kin field and incorporate loading spinner for loan application data retrieval.

Final Design

The final product underwent successful updates, and the resulting designs are presented below. The design was easily understood by the user without them requiring any assistance. The users also trusted the process because the design seemed a lot more 'professional' according to them. Also the sense of security by the added chat bot. These updated designs had a significant impact within a month, resulting in an increase in loan applications.